Solar Wholesaler Ltd is pleased to announce its successful completion of its first round of expansion financing.

As part of the expansion the Company is rebranding its retail operations as Solar Stores Canada and its distribution operation as Suncana Energy.  Solar Wholesaler Ltd will remain the corporate entity, but the operational brands have been adjusted to better meet the needs of the market and our clients.

The Company is also pleased to announce its relationship with Spectraconn and Associates of Toronto, Ontario.  Spectraconn is a consortium of builder/developers and real estate financiers that are interested in bringing our clean technology, premier products and BIPV to a larger market.  Spectraconn’s commitment to this space is best summed up with an extraction from their company mission statement:

“At Spectraconn and Associates we are committed to a sustainable future and Cleantech.  We are acquiring next generation technologies to bring the future of urban smart micro-grid technologies to powering grid independent high-rise buildings and changing the use of renewable technology in urban design and application.  This will bring the future of renewable power technologies and products into today’s residential and commercial build and retrofit marketplaces.  Suncana is additionally committed to bringing the next generation of Built in Photovoltaic technologies and products into the residential and commercial build and retrofit marketplaces.  After initial release in the Greater Toronto area, we will then package the technology suites into product kits and release throughout North America and eventually international markets.

To showcase this new technology, Spectraconn and Associates will develop a series of projects in Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB as the live demonstrations of this new urban building technology for commercial, multi-family, high rise/low rise and single family residential. All designed to maximize efficiency, LEED credits and any tax incentives available.”

We are excited about the opportunities that this expansion will afford.  We look forward to renewing our relationship and showing you how our greater reach will assist you in your goals, and potentially, how your product and service suites can assist in reaching our goals.

Be on the look out for new announcements in the coming weeks.